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Adil Tahir Shaikh Makes His OTT Debut with Deadend

Youtuber Adil Tahir Shaikh will be seen in a short romantic thriller titled ‘Deadend’. According to sources, Adil will play the lead role in the upcoming web series and, as the trailer has been released on YouTube, the series is expected to premiere by the next month on YouTube.

Currently, in post-production under Divine Dreams Films, the movie ‘Deadend’ is directed by Adil himself. As the trailer suggests, the story will showcase an incomplete love story where two lovers, the boy and the girl, sadly get separated by destiny after an incident and later the boy, played by Adil takes revenge for his lover.

In a statement, Adil Tahir Shaikh said, “It’s unlike anything I’ve done in my journey so far. Being an independent artist, self-direction and production of the movie was challenging, but I felt obligated to do justice to the characters and the plot. I can’t wait to share the suspense of the story with you.”

“I’m thrilled to work on a story that is full of action and romance. We are looking forward to releasing soon.” He added further.

As the trailer is live on Adil’s YouTube channel ‘LordIsOne’, the caption below it elaborates the idea of the web series, it reads as “A deadly ride which revolves around incomplete love story to a deadly trap which has already started and has no way back because it’s a Deadend.”

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