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Biolume Skin Science Ushers in a New Era of Salon-Centric Skincare

Noida, [India], June 06, 2024: In the heart of India’s bustling beauty industry, a new chapter unfolds with Biolume Skin Science, co-founded by industry veteran Ankit Jain and his partners Ashirwad Baansal and Soumen Bhatta. Born from a legacy of cosmetic expertise and a deep understanding of the nuanced needs of salons, Biolume is crafting a narrative that reshapes how salons engage with skincare.

The journey began in July 2023 amidst the rich heritage of Ankit’s family business in cosmetics distribution. Recognising the gaps and pain points within the salon industry, Ankit and his co-founders envisioned a platform where the focus pivoted back to the core of the salon business—the personalised client experience. This vision translated into action with the launch of product sales in January 2024, following intensive research and development.

It caters to the Korean product ranges, i.e., the Korean facial Range and the Korean Jar Range. The demand for Korean skincare products has been increasing in the Indian market; however, authenticity is lacking. Working on it, Biolume Skin Science prioritised citizens’ skincare routing and added authentic Korean products to its list.

Biolume’s story gained prominence at prestigious events such as the Professional Beauty in Kolkata and the Beauty and Spa Expo in Delhi. At these gatherings, the brand did not just participate; it shone brightly, drawing attention with its unique approach to skincare. The innovation was apparent: products thoroughly crafted for salon exclusivity, ensuring that each visit to a salon was not just a routine but a bespoke experience.

Biolume has a Salon Partner Program that helps salons scale their businesses. It guides them in marketing, creates banners, handles social media, organises events, and invites influencers.

At Biolume, products are not merely sold; they are carefully integrated into the fabric of each partner salon and curated to fit the unique contours of each client’s skin needs. This customisation is Biolume’s testament to its dedication—each formula is a promise of personal care.

The brand also extends a comprehensive marketing hand to its partners, supporting them in navigating the digital world with robust social media strategies and distinctive branding. This support system transforms salons from mere beauty spaces to landmark destinations of personal transformation.

Biolume is a story of partnership, innovation, and growth. It’s about empowering salons to offer more than just services—to provide transformative experiences that clients cherish.

For those intrigued by this story, Biolume invites you to join its continuing journey and see firsthand the beauty of innovation in skincare, exclusively available at your local salon.

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