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Noida's journey over the past five years from affordable to luxurious: Sachin Arora

Noida’s journey, over the past five years, from affordable to luxurious: Sachin Arora

Noida is a systematically planned city including the residential and commercial development of the city. If you are thinking of buying property in Delhi NCR then you must get attracted to Noida and Greater Noida. Living in Noida offers excellent employment opportunities, all modern facilities with new age life style, convention centres, Airport in the area and what not. Therefore, investing in real estate in Noida and the greater Noida area is your best bet.

“The government is focusing on the development of Noida as one of the emerging regions with high paying jobs along with the development of Noida International Airport.

Well, who wouldn’t want to invest in a place where the government is taking so many initiatives for development, like Noida International  Airport,  Buddha International Formula 1 Circuit, night safari, planning and world-class infrastructure that get a high return of Investment (ROI). ” said, Sachin Arora, Director of Investors Clinic Infratech Private Limited, Entrepreneur and Author of Thank Me Later.

Noida: a luxury destination on the rise

In recent years, Noida has emerged as the next destination for luxury home buyers.

According to some resource data, 10,570 units launched on NCR in the first half of 2021, at least 17% (approx. 1,800 units) were in the luxury and ultra-luxury segment (priced above 1.5 Cr rupees).

Between 2018 and June 2021, approximately 11,300 new luxury units were launched across NCR. A close look at the year-on-year trends reveals that the share of new luxury offerings was the lowest in 2020.

Approximately 26,010 units released at NCR in 2018, about 14 percent were in the luxury and ultra-luxury segments combined.

In 2019, luxury apartments accounted for 12 percent of around 35,280 newly launched units in the region. Of the total new luxury offering, Gurugram had a 63% share, followed by Greater Noida at 15%, Noida at 13% and Delhi at 9%.

In 2020, approximately 18,530 units were launched on NCR, of which the luxury segment accounted for only 9%.A dream location for both end-users and investors.

Noida is the number one choice for homebuyers looking for affordable real estate. It is equally popular with those looking for affordable luxury properties due to the availability of a wide range of options. “As several multinational companies and IT giants have established their offices in Noida in recent years, demand from employees of these companies for projects in the affordable luxury category has increased significantly. Noida is one of the systematically planned cities in the National Capital Region with excellent infrastructure. The availability of quality shopping malls and social infrastructure, interest from corporate squatters and easy access to Delhi have fueled strong interest in residential real estate. Because of the relative affordability of real estate, young buyers can acquire condominiums that offer many luxurious amenities at affordable prices.” Sachin Continued.

Meanwhile, Noida is fast emerging as a luxury destination for homebuyers due to its connectivity and relatively affordable nature, Sachin Arora, real estate expert.

There was a myth or misconception before, that Gurugaon is known as the ultra luxury address whereas Noida is all about feasibility and affordability. But now Noida has broken this misconception chain with their upcoming ultra luxurious projects which has now become the attraction for investors.

Talking about the Upcoming Luxury Housing Projects In Noida, here are the few addresses, which are rewriting Noida’s image:-

  • ATS Knightsbridge (Sector 124) 
  • Max Estate (Sector 128)
  • H&S Page3 Noida (Sector 128)
  • H&S Page3 Greater Noida (Pari Chowk)
  • Gaur Island (Pari Chowk)
  • ABA County 107 (Sector 107)
  • Mahagun Medalleo (Sector 107)
  • Supertech Limited24 Villas  (Sector 74)
  • Mahagun Manorialle (Sector 128)
  • M3M The Cullinan (Sector 94)
  • Kalptaru Vista (Sector 128)
  • Godrej Woods (Sector 43)

Is Noida a good option for real estate investment?

Delhi/NCR has become India’s fastest growing region thanks to world-class residential apartments and houses, large commercial complexes and the presence of multinational companies from all over the world. People from all over the world are moving to Noida which comes under Delhi and NCR, alone or with their families, as high-paying office jobs are on the rise and Indian companies and multinationals offer limitless prospects.

Factors that influence people for moving to Noida

  • Fast-growing IT industries and professional clusters. Noida has grown to become the fourth largest IT BPO hub in the country.
  • Affordable and reputable, with many schools, colleges, Universities, hospitals and branded hotels within easy reach.
  • New affordable/luxury residential and commercial projects.
  • Excellent world class transportation system with seamless connection to Delhi and NCR via metro, taxi, public buses and now pod taxi is coming up.
  • Noida offers a wide range of alternative outlets with vibrant local markets and stylish, modern shopping malls.
  • Many famous malls including Mall of India, The Great India Place, Gardens Galleria  Mall, Wave Mall, Spice World Mall, The Grand Venice  Mall, Gaur City Mall etc., have theatres, nightclubs, exclusive restaurants and high-end brands (clothing, shoes and gadgets) among others and much much more are in line to come up.
  • The city has an incredible nightlife with popular clubs and pubs with an elite crowd.
  • Accommodations in Noida are quite easy to find. The city offers both quality and affordable accommodation options.

A planned and designed city with wide streets and trees

From economic to ultra-luxury: how is the real estate sector developing in Noida?

Noida, short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is a planned city in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. It was founded in the 70’s as an industrial center but has transformed over the years into a thriving residential and commercial centre too. The real estate market in Noida has seen significant development over the last few decades.

At first, Noida was known mainly for its industrial development and demand for residential real estate was limited. However, the growth of IT and BPO businesses in the city has led to an increase in demand for residential real estate. This has led to the construction of a large number of apartment complexes and residential complexes in the city.

The opening of the Noida-Greater Noida Highway in 2002 transformed the real estate industry in Noida: the highway made commuting to and from Noida easier and opened up new areas for development. The development of infrastructure such as roads, public transport and public services has contributed to the growth of the housing market.

The real estate market in Noida exploded in the mid-2000s when many developers started new projects. However, the global financial crisis of 2008 had a significant impact on the real estate market and demand for real estate fell. It took several years for the market to recover, but the government’s affordable housing efforts have allowed markets to recover. The Noida Greater Noida Expressway or Yamuna Expressway was also a key factor.

In recent years the real estate market in Noida has seen a shift towards luxury real estate. As the number of wealthy people increases, developers have started launching luxury projects tailored to the needs of this segment of buyers. The demand for luxury real estate has also led to the development of new areas in the city such as the Noida Expressway or Yamuna Expressway, the Noida Extension, a golf course and much more. As such, there are now many options available to property seekers in the Noida area. These are better options for people to consider when moving.

How did Noida get from affordable housing to middle and upper-class housing?

Noida, a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has seen a profound transformation in the real estate landscape in recent years. While the city was initially developed as a hub for affordable housing, it has gradually shifted towards mid-range and upscale residential real estate.

“One of the main reasons for this change is the growing demand for quality housing in the city. As the city has evolved into a major IT and manufacturing hub, there has been a large influx of young professionals and wealthy families willing to invest in high quality and luxury real estate. The growing demand for quality housing has led to more luxury projects being tackled in the city.”

“Another factor that has contributed to the development of Noida towards mid-range and upscale lodging is the availability of better infrastructure and services. Over the years, the city has extremely improved its transportation network, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, shopping malls, and entertainment venues. This has made Noida an attractive destination for those seeking a better quality of life, which in turn drives demand for quality housing options.” Director of Investors Clinic, Sachin Arora.

“Major developers like Godrej Properties, TATA,  Max, M3M, Kalptaru, Eldeco and many other important contributors have increased the standard of living in Noida! Here are some players who have stepped up and are now transforming the affordable quality of life into a premium quality of life!” Sachin Continued.

The government’s focus on affordable housing has also played a role in the shift to upper-middle-class real estate in Noida. As the government focuses on providing affordable housing for all, developers are focusing on building quality properties to meet the growing demand for luxury housing. This has led to more and more residential projects in the middle and upper price segment being tackled in the city.

Thus, the shift from affordable housing to mid- and high-end housing in Noida is the result of a combination of factors, including growing demand for better quality housing, improved infrastructure and services, and government policies to encourage affordable housing prices.

Thus, the real estate market in Noida has come a long way since its beginnings as an industrial center. The city has grown into a thriving residential and commercial centre and the market has seen significant growth and development over the years. With the government placing an emphasis on affordable housing and the rise of luxury real estate, the future of Noida’s real estate market looks bright.

“In fulfilling their promise, various leading developers began offering luxury real estate to improve the standard of living of the people of Noida County 107, The Gulshan Dynasty and many others even introduced their luxury mansions to raise the standard of living in Noida without making it a whole On a new level, the M3M Group presents its new project for the people of Sector 94, Noida named ‘The Cullinan’. This project will raise the bar for people and take their comfort to the next level. M3M Uber’s luxury residences in Sector 94 have raised the bar.” concluded, Sachin Arora (Director of Investors Clinic, Realty expert and author of “Thank Me Later”. 

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