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This Story Behind D V Naresh Kumar Will change your thoughts on failures!

Every one of us who lives in this wonderful planet wishes to be successful. It makes no difference whether the person is a child, a teenager, or an old person; at every stage of our long lives, we have an inner drive to be successful and grow gradually toward higher achievement despite all of life’s challenges and hindrances.

“Never, ever give up.” It’s certainly one of the most overused words you’ll hear as you advance in your job. But there’s a reason these adages are clichés: you never know when success is just around the bend. We understand that believing is easier said than done, therefore we gathered the following tale of a person to get you started.

Born from a middle-class family in the town of Velur, Mr. DV Nareshkumar completed his studies of school and college in the same town of Velur. From being an employer to the state of giving employment opportunities to the young professionals out there, his story is remarkable. After few years of job in a private sector, Naresh started to get into the business of Telecom services in 2008. Even when it started of good when the country’s overall mobile user base was 375 million, almost 50% increase over the previous year, this business didn’t give him growth and work satisfaction. As it started to decline, he decided to enter into other fields as well.

The next vocation he started off is electronics and scratch parts which was not a big success. He was not fed up of his ups and downs. Even after the decline of previous businesses, he commenced a new venture in Green energy which was blooming in 2010. His Green energy business included a diverse portfolio of solar, wind and hybrid power projects. He succeeded in the business and started to gain more profits.

He always wanted to devote his life to finance and wealth-related business from a young age and become a niche business. As his wish, when he opted for help to the well-known Helios Wealth Management in 2014 and that it when his life changed. As a result of all the hardships and failures he faced, he acquired a success when he was given a chance to work in the same organization in which he asked for help. By proving his worth and talent, he became the Operations Manager in Helios Wealth Management (HK) Limited in 2016.

His story is an example to people who are constantly seeing failures, giving up their efforts and losing hope. As Naresh did, follow the path of hardwork and perseverance. You will get the fruit of success soon in your life.

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