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Vedamu – Srusti Vijnanamu, busts the contradictions in Modern Science of Creation & paves way to unravel the true wisdom!

  • Provides irrefutable evidence to prove Vedas being complete scientific theory
  • Author Dr Siva Rambabu’s knowledge of Chemistry & Sanskrit, enabled to decipher the insights in Vedas
  • The Book will be a great source of reference for research to decrypt mysteries of universe

Hyderabad, 27 September 2021: An extensively researched book based on the theories espoused by our ancient knowledge repositories, the Vedas about the missing links in the Modern Science of Creation, VEDAMU – SRUSTI VIJNANAMU (Vedic Theory Vs Quantum Theory, String Theory, Particle Theory); authored by the couple and scholars Dr Sakamuri Siva Rambabu, M.Sc., Ph.D.; a research supervisor in Chemistry at Nagarjuna University and Smt. Madamanchi Arjunadevi, M.A., Head of English Dept., JKC College, Guntur; was released by Dr Madugula Nagaphani Sharma, Chairman, Avadhana Saraswathi Peetham, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas, at Press Club, Somajiguda, today. Eminent scientists Dr S Chandrasekhar, Director, CSIR – Indian Institute of chemical Technology, Hyderabad; Dr Chandu Sambasiva Rao, former Senior Engineer at NASA and former Space Scientist, ISRO; Dr P V Sivapullaiah, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Gitam University and Former Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Dr S S R Vemuri, Save Vedic Heritage, U.K. and Dr Marri Krishna Reddy, Vedacharya, Veda Dharma Prachara Trust, Hyderabad; were present on the occasion to express their concurrence with the findings. Actor Brahmanandam garu shared his message through a video recording.

The Book elucidates on revelations from Vedic Science pertaining to the missing links in Modern Science of Creation, thereby conclusively proving with empirical evidence that the knowledge in Vedas supersedes the modern science theories. It busts the contradictions, myths, and the intense mist over intensely debated modern concepts of Quantum, String and Particle theories. New age Scientists and Researchers have been working for decades on these contradictions, with no cohesive and conclusive outcomes, this book provides all the answers they have been inquisitive about.  

Sixteen years of painstaking research into Vedas enabled to discern the irrefutable fact of Vedas being a complete scientific theory about creation, which supersedes modern theories of creation. My background in Chemistry, understanding of Quantum mechanics, String theory, the standard model of Particles and the ten dimensions of the universe, along with knowledge of Sanskrit enabled me to unravel the exhaustive wisdom in Vedas from the modern science perspective, says Dr. Sakamuri Siva Rambabu. Basically, it was my inquisitiveness to know why there are three contradictory theories in modern science for one concept, which made me to explore more and delve into Vedas for an answer. I can now confidently say that Vedas have comprehensive answer to this. Vedic Sciences is the cornerstone of Indian practice of medicine, technology, tradition and its affluent culture, the earlier we understand the better it is to reclaim the valuable heritage we lost.

Dr Madugula Nagaphani Sharma speaking on the occasion said, our society is going through a phase where the vast knowledge in the Vedas has to be validated by someone from the West or NASA or institutions like that or else we brand them as superstition. However, the positive development is that countries like USA, Russia, Japan are discovering the depth of our heritage and knowledge and its time we ourselves rediscover and reclaim the infinite wisdom passed on by our ancestors to us. Our heritage is a way of life, and it is so glorious that whatever was revealed was for the entire mankind, there was no discrimination, the knowledge shared was for everyone and pertained to everyone. There is intense research being undertaken all over the world on our Vedas to decipher and discover the universe and in this endeavor we at I-SERVE, (The Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas) have publish this book with the help of Dr. Sakamuri Siva Rambabu garu and Smt. Madamanchi Arjunadevi.  

Particle theory, which postulates that matter is formed from particles, strongly advocates the belief that God particle is the origin of creation, contradicting the String theory, which argues, string being the origin of creation, while Quantum theory assumes Quantum fluctuations to be the cause for origin of the Universe. Vedic theory bridges these contradictions by clarifying that Quantum, String and Particle theories are different steps of the same Creation theory, thus proving the fact that Vedic theory is a complete theory.

The concepts of atomic theory helped the modern day scientists to develop nano- technology, while the concepts of Vedic Science helped Vedic seers to develop mano-technology, which is mentioned as “Manisha” in Rigveda 10.129.4. It is a technology using thought waves (Bhava Tarangams). This mano-technology undoubtedly will be more advanced than nano-technology.

The surprise thing is that the aspects mentioned in Vedic model are in accordance with Big bang theory and string theory. In the Vedic model Sakara and Nirakara are compared to matter and dark matter respectively. It is stated that based on the conservation of energy and mass creation took place. Another important thing in this process is ‘Aja’ Stage taken from Vedas. This stage is described as the intermediate stage in between strings and particles. This revelation provokes new thoughts in the search for the secret of creation. If it is pursued scientifically, it may prove answer to unsolved questions, Dr. S Chandrasekhar, Director CSIR – Indian Institute of chemical Technology.

This book is the amalgam of Vedic science and modern science, K Brahmanandam, Actor and Padamsree Awardee. We wonder what the relation between Vedas and Creation Science is, because we have been under the impression that Vedas are some mantras talking about Hinduism, but we should realize, that Vedas have extensively revealed information about Creation Science, the universe formation, at that time itself. We should applaud the effort of Dr. Sakamuri Siva Rambabu garu; for having thought to bring this information from Vedas into public eye and for having so beautifully elucidated it for all of us to know about it.

Science is the basis for development of human and its roots are in Vedas as enunciated by the authors of this book. In this book, the theory of creation science present in Vedas is described comprehensively and thoroughly comparing with modern science, says Dr P V Sivapullaiah, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Gitam University and Former Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. This attempt is just the beginning to decipher Vedas in the perspective of modern science, but need to put in more effort to bridge the gap, discover and avail the knowledge.

From the old and new we should get the absolute truth regarding the science of creation and through this to achieve the knowledge to protect natures equilibrium, Kuppa Venkata Krishna murthi, I-SERVE Former Chairman – institute of scientific research on Vedas.

Authors of this book explained and compared both Vedic science and modern science before creation and after creation with theories, Dr. Sekhar Vemuri, Save Vedic Heritage, U.K.

So far there is no complete explanation in modern science describing dark matter and dark energy which is 96% of the universe. This book shed light on such unexplored territories by researching science in Vedas. It is the first book of its kind, with the aim of empowering and educating young intellectuals. It serves as a repository of information for the next generation of enthusiastic researchers, Dr. Marri Krishna Reddy, Vedacharya, Veda Dharma Prachara Trust, Hyderabad.

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