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13th Edition of Inter-State Journey connecting 450+ Investors, Mentors & Entrepreneurs

In a transformative venture fostering entrepreneurship, RG Nawin Krishna, a dynamic figure in the entrepreneurial landscape, is set to launch the 13th edition of  Startuppayanam, an Inter-State entrepreneurial journey spanning two states, five days, and traversing six districts and ten cities.

The journey, scheduled from January 9th to 13th, 2024, is a testament to #Startuppayanam’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship. This initiative, led by Nawin Krishna, a seasoned Entrepreneur with diverse expertise in heading a lot of like Mindwiz Techno-Solution, Eventspace, Marquemonk, Agrofuz, Startuppayanam Entrepreneur Community & his investment company Kongu Angel & Capital Investments which invests in startups & Businesses. He also holds a couple of event properties like South Indian Startup Awards, South Indian Startup Conclave, Startup Sports League, Environclave & Panjabootha Awards to support entrepreneurs & Make them grow. His companies & other initiatives have garnered widespread global recognition.

Startup Payanam has evolved into a powerhouse community, with over 62,000 entrepreneurs, 500+ mentors, and 300+ investors across 18+ countries. The vision extends beyond borders as they aim to establish a “SCHOOL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP,” connecting investors, mentors, startups, incubators, accelerators, and communities worldwide.

Having successfully completed 12 editions, #Startuppayanam has met and heard from 5800+ CEOs, engaged with 18500+ startups, and crafted 1450+ success stories. Notably, this includes the creation of 99+ new entrepreneurs, 247+ studentpreneurs, 45+ intrapreneurs, and facilitated 40+ investment announcements and 3500+ business collaborations.

The journey’s culmination marks the introduction of #Startuppayanam Accelerator—a one-year cohort-based program focusing on startups in Defense, Agri-Tech, Health-Tech, Food Tech, and Sustainable Development Goals. The program includes an incubated startup exchange program with ecosystems in the US, UK, Canada, Israel, and Singapore.

Furthering their commitment to innovation, #Startuppayanam is establishing “Kongu Angel & Capital Investments,” an investment wing targeting AngelList and Venture models. Collaborations with educational institutions, research centres, and universities are also underway to create “Centers for Innovation & Entrepreneurship” and set up incubation centres in collaboration with governments.

13th Edition: Inter-State Payanam – Unveiling Entrepreneurial Journeys

The upcoming 13th edition of #Startuppayanam is an interstate journey onboard two buses, gathering 80+ investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs. Over five days, the participants will engage with 450+ stakeholders, including CEOs, in 2 states, 6 districts, and 10 cities.

Here is the link to prebook for the 13th edition of startuppayanam,

Startuppayanam is not merely an event; it’s a movement, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and building a global community. The journey is an immersive experience, fostering collaborations, and celebrating the resilience and innovation that define the entrepreneurial spirit.

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