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Ali Akbar Sultan Ahmed takes Sultan Ahmed’s legacy forward: Talks about future plans on Sultan Production’s golden jubilee

Late filmmaker Sultan Ahmed’s immense contribution to the film industry can never be put into bland words. His mastery in the craft, sheer passion, and dedication in filmmaking, and the resilience to take Indian cinema to the front have been commendable. Carrying his golden legacy forward is his son – Ali Akbar Sultan. Predominantly working in Sultan Productions; he is a producer, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast.

Hunting for new content, and designing creative elements that engage the audience more holistically is Ali Akbar’s prime focus now.  He has been predominantly cultivating the scope of art developing in Maharashtra and believes that art should dwell not only in studios and theaters but be intermingled in every sphere of a person’s life. Art should dwell in communities, in classrooms, in galleries, and on every street. He is thus investing to critically engage, analyze and experiment art into various spheres. With the presence of virtual and augmented reality, he feels that he can bring about and produce great work in the future.

Thus, he is currently working on new genres and trying to intermingle art and culture through delphic medium as well. Talking about the production house’s upcoming works, he said “Currently, under Sultan productions, we have been acquiring a few contents for film and web series. We are in the planning stage and shall announce the subjects soon. I have learned from my father Sultan Ahmed to never compromise on the story and content while working. Thus, now I am looking up to directors and writers more than the actors.” Sources reveal that the production house also has upcoming music videos lined up other than films and webseries.

Ali Akbar Sultan Ahmed even added “I would like to work with the artists of Sultan productions again and again. To name a few – Rekha, Mithun Chakraborty, Sanjay Dutt, and the list goes on. ” He also stated how he admires the work of these living legends and the inspiration they are to the youth of the country.

Finally, he concluded by saying that he is way left to reach the zenith. He has started the journey and it would take time to acquire all the elements that are required to reach the top. So he is the process of curating and grooving great content in the near future.

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