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‘Cash’ upon Digital Boom for Sell-Purchase of Properties in Delhi/NCR

Do you have properties in Delhi/NCR?

Do you need to invest in the NCR properties? 

You can now save time, energy, and money yet effectively sell properties online. You don’t have to pay a commission. Yes, this is a new world. Let’s make optimum use of digital platforms like Next Vision Home.

Buying and selling properties have come of age, and it has been a hassle-some process for sellers. Finding a self-driven and trustworthy sales team, depending upon local brokers, and cracking authentic deals have been challenging for property owners. Having an effective online partner is a blessing for such property sales. A platform or channel through which property sales can be carried out online with offline marketing support is not a dream anymore.

Many online portals act as a conduit between property buyers and sellers. Still, here, we are talking about an effective breakthrough. It gives onsite support, advertises and popularizes, and sells/rents out properties for you. All these services are packaged differently to suit your requirement. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a fortune every month to avail such services.

The Delhi/NCR property dealers can have the facility to upload their own profile with their picture, along with local resale or renting property details on The company shall also provide them services like Social Media Profiling, promotion, and access to inventories across NCR. All these services shall come on starting subscription of as less as Rs 1999/- per month* with a variety of more lucrative subscription packages to choose from. 

The highlight of such a platform is that your clients are not charged anything by the company. There will be no commission on successful sales from your local properties for resale and rent. You shall be paid a commission of 25% along with incentives from successful new bookings across Delhi/NCR. 

The platform takes up the job of bringing property sellers and buyers to one platform and promoting the property through social media profiling for generating leads for property owners. Under the inaugural offer, you can upload your own picture, your inventory, and your contact details to be seen by buyers online. You can do unlimited postings and get the expert help of a dedicated relationship manager. Not to mention, the advertisement and marketing support for effective promotion and lead generation is also done. Sellers get rewarded with effective deals and offers, and of course, a range of incentives on Delhi/NCR’s new sales.

Next Vision Home is a 360-degree solution for your property sale and renting. Partnering with such a platform shall boost your sales with ease, cutting off the in-between hassle and inconvenience. Here, you can advertise, promote, get rewarded, and sell/rent successfully. The one-stop shop makes it easier for buyers to choose from featured authentic properties too. With all the leading real estate businesses coming up on this platform, it is ready to set a new benchmark in property sales cashing upon this digital age!

Have you got any queries? Feel free to connect on 86044 06044 or write at [email protected] to know how to associate with the Most Innovative Project of the Year.

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