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Food Blogger & Social Media Influencer Abhijeet Mankar on his journey of creative, unique and life of contentment

Food blogging and travel blogging is on an exponential rise and so are the food bloggers amid the advent of social media and technology. Needless to mention, exceptional food and its tastes become the reason for travelling for many people and renowned food blogger Abhijeet Mankar spares no effort in giving the insider tips on top food to try, the best restaurants to visit across the state of Maharashtra and other places he travels. 

 Each and every post by Abhijeet is a creative post that perfectly resonates with the heart of any creator. Passionate about food and enthusiastic about blogging Abhijeet Mankar’s success story seems to be the commitment to working insanely hard every single day. He gave 100% of his efforts every day with whatever it took with tons of sacrifices and work along the way. The same is evident with the rising 60k followers on Instagram (traveller_eats) and over a million impressions a week. 

About his passion for food blogging Abhijeet adds ” The main focus of my blog is showcasing amazing food and cuisines available out there right from the street food to top restaurants.

Besides exploring food and it also gives me tremendous joy to share my food experiences with everyone and I guess that’s the reason for doing it. ” Sharing the details of his journey in a candid tete-é-tete Mr. Mankar adds “Actually there are a lot of things as it started more like a hobby, I was not regular in posting content. I think the most important thing is that one needs to be consistent and also needs to understand their audience well.”

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