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Invention of the Solar Based Concept lights for save human lives


Triveni Solar is a growing company and the company’s aim is to save electricity and make world-changing products by using renewable energy sources. Triveni solar invents the solar-based concept lights to save human lives and make India as a Pollution-free country. It’s a part of the Triveni Group of Industries. Since 1961, Triveni group of industries is a group involved in many different fields of steel, like rolling mills, bright bars, ship recycling, fabrications, investment casting, forging, machining, import & export, etc. This name has been trusted for more than 50 years. The Company is situated in Bhavnagar (Gujarat) on the west coast of India.


In 2016, after a small thought for the safety measures in human life, Triveni Solar came up with this new venture of manufacturing solar safety and alert lights. 

Now Triveni Solar manufactures concept lights like flair lights, red flag lights, shoulder lights, security bollard lights, solar road studs, solar garden lights, Buoy Lights and many other customized concept lights. 


These Concept lights are top-notch products for the Police Force, Army Force, Military Force, Navy Force, NDRF Force, SRP Force, other Security Forces & emergency bodies. Apart from these, it is useful in the Medical Sector, Government PWD Sector, Agriculture field, etc. These products are user-friendly, plug & play and it is easy to carry when travelling.


  • Flair Light
  • Red Flag
  • Shoulder Light
  • Bollard Light
  • Buoy Light
  • Solar Road Stud

Flair Light & Red Flag Light:

As mentioned, all these concept lights are mainly operated by Solar and all these products have benefits according to the departments. Solar Flair Lights and Red Flag Lights are useful for any country Police force for making check posts and for Patrolling. Same For Military/ Army/ Navy Force as they are working on the borders of any country. These devices are also used for Ambulances to indicate an emergency vehicle. In the PWD department, it is useful for indicating the diversion on highways. In the agriculture field, it is used to make boundaries of the farm to protect the crop from the animals. These lights are useful for Coastguard for travelling in a ship during the night. These lights are useful in flood rains to save people who are trapped in flood areas.

Shoulder Lights:

Shoulder lights are made for the Police Force for their night patrolling. In the Army and Military force, they can use this light for night travelling.

Bollard Lights:

Bollard lights are used in multiple ways. But mainly it is used to indicate the diversion on the road. It is used in a commercial area and hospitals for walkways. It is useful in a garden area to enlighten the beauty of the garden.

Buoy Lights:

Buoy Lights are mainly used for Fisherman, Coastguard and Navy Force as they are performing their duty in a Sea. Fishermen use this device for making their boundaries for fish farming. Coast guard and navy forces also use this device for making boundaries of some regions.

Solar Road Stud:

Solar Road Studs are mainly used on highways for navigating the road in any climate. Apart from this, it is useful in a parking area of any buildings, shipyards, etc.

The Company’s main focus is to make products for all those sectors who are working for us to save common people’s lives. Triveni Solar does make all the products, not only for some particular sectors. They are making products for the Government sector, for the commercial sector as well as residential areas, too. Triveni Solar wishes to make the whole country as a Pollution-free country and their products are covered under the top renewable energy products list all over the world.

To know more about company or product information, You can visit the website: or call on this number +91-9173090243.

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