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Life Coach Somanshu Gaur share tips for How to Boost Confidence

“Faith can move mountains but confidence can bring the skies down”, says Life Coach and entrepreneur Somanshu Gaur. Somanshu Gaur is a marketing expert, public speaker who started his journey in early 20s from Scratch and is now the youngest self-made owner of Mercedes Benz and is a certified life coach and investment consultant. He believes that nothing makes a better first impression than brimming confidence, not just in your looks or what you are wearing but also who you are and your ability. It is the key that can unlock any door. In times as cut throat as these, it’s important to boost your self-confidence. Scroll down and read ahead as acclaimed Life Coach, Somanshu Gaur shares tips and tricks to boost your confidence!

1. It’s you vs you

It’s human nature to constantly compare. “We are comparing our life journey, time, hard work, abilities almost every day with people around us and on the internet. What you have to do is consciously put effort to overrule this comparison”, comments Mr Gaur. Researchers have concluded that people who are constantly comparing themselves are prone to become envious and jealous. Their efforts and energy are more focused on what others are doing. He advises everyone to understand that you have to become the main character of your own life and compare yourself to the past you.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

You know how they say A rotten apple spoils the whole basket! “We are greatly influenced by the kind of people we are surrounded with. Your attitude, actions, habits and perspective shifts greatly when you are with the right or wrong bunch of people”, says Life Coach Somanshu. He further adds that If you find yourself surrounded by people who are constantly whining, complaining about their life but taking no action to change it, people who you get a negative vibration for and you feel drained after meeting them, it’s time you identify them and bid your Farewell already.

A man is known by the company he keeps. His mantra is to Make sure to give a place to only those in your life who are worthy of your energy.

3. Take care of your body

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body! He feels that Not only are your thoughts highly influenced, but if you are constantly dealing with one problem or the other, your mind would be diverted and you wouldn’t feel confident even if you tried to.

“Practice self-care and the journey of self-confidence begins by taking control. So, take control of your lifestyle and daily habits” says Somanshu, who is also a certified nutritionist. He adds that one should indulge in activities that keep you healthy. Not only will you get a sense of accomplishment that you are doing something for your body, you will also feel motivated to do better.

4. Practice positive affirmations

You are what you speak! He is of the opinion that when you talk to yourself, make sure you are saying the right things. “Don’t put negative things out in the universe. Practice affirmations, either stand in front of the mirror or write on a notebook or record your voice and listen repeatedly” reiterates Somanshu Gaur. It can be something as small as “You got this”. Remember Rancho in 3 idiots chanting all is well. That’s the idea of positive self-affirmations. Picking yourself up and saying the right things to boost your self-confidence without seeking validation.

5. Face your fears

Somanshu Gaur always is a firm believer that Life is happening right now and if there is something that we have learnt in these past few months is that, life is unpredictable. So if you want to ask someone out or apply for a

Job, do it right now. “Don’t wait for the right moment. There won’t ever be the perfect time. Face your fears today and check them off your list” concludes Mr Somanshu Gaur.

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