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Seshh: A Slice of Europe in the Heart of Goa’s Nightlife

Goa, [India]: ABG Hospitality introduces Seshh, a lively all-night bar and eatery nestled in the heart of North Goa, Vagator.  This European-themed cosy haven is the brainchild of three siblings – Garima, Bhavesh, and Akshay Dawani – who combined their passions for food, hospitality, and good times to create a space that pulsates energy until the early morning hours.

Boasting a prime location, Seshh offers a unique blend of authentic European cuisine, expertly crafted cocktails, and a lively atmosphere that caters to a discerning crowd seeking premium experiences.

Founded by Garima Dawani, a passionate culinary enthusiast with a background in Commerce, Architecture, and Interior Designing, and Bhavesh Dawani, a professional host with a penchant for organising unforgettable events, Seshh embodies their shared vision of creating a cosy haven for food and hospitality enthusiasts. 

Seshh’s culinary offerings are curated by Garima whose love for cooking & exploring diverse cuisines along with her Michelin star trained chef, shines through the menu.

Garima has a spectacular taste in cocktails too. From Signature cocktail blends such as Cocoa, Tiramisu, etc to exquisite Gin & tonic refreshing cocktails are curated by her to suit every taste palette. Seshh has it all – top notch food & drinks, exclusive Sheeshas. Seshh is the ultimate one stop destination for pre & post party scenes. 

Garima’s attention to detail is reflected in every aspect of Seshh, making it a go-to spot for niche spending crowds seeking a premium experience. The venue’s European-themed ambience, centrally located in the lively neighbourhood of Vagator, creates the perfect setting for a memorable date night, casual gatherings with friends, or a post-party rendezvous. 

Co-founders Bhavesh Dawani and Akshay Dawani complement Garima’s culinary expertise with their passion for hosting and managing events. Bhavesh, known for his knack for hospitality and love for meeting new people, together with Akshay, brings a dynamic synergy to Seshh. 

Akshay, a Bachelor of Business Management, and Bhavesh, a Bachelor of Financial Markets, merge their skills to ensure Seshh is a premier destination in Goa’s nightlife scene. 

Seshh is more than just a late-night hangout. It’s a one-stop destination for those seeking a slice of Europe in the heart of Goa. With its delectable cuisine, vibrant atmosphere, and commitment to creating memories, Seshh is poised to become a beloved fixture in Goa’s nightlife scene.

Discover Seshh, Goa’s newest haven for good food, drinks, and mesmerising vibes. It’s more than just a bar and eatery; it’s an experience that will leave everyone wanting more.

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