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From Heritage to High-Tech: KLM Digi Laxmi Revolutionizes Gold Investments

About KLM Digi Laxmi’s Origin and Roots:

My great grandfather Mr Venkat Subbaya Chetty who hails from Arya Vysya Community, Rajampet City, Annamaya District (Formerly known as Kadapa District) started as a Gold Jewellery wholesaler around 1950’s. He had a vision to provide Gold Jewellery especially Mangal Sutras (the most precious pendant for Hindu marriages) to the people of Rajampet with the best quality and cost range. As time flew and with the customers trust upon my grandfather, he successfully opened a retail store which was a tremendous success during its establishment. After the demise of my great grandfather (Mr. Venkat Subbaya Chetty) Mr. N Ramamurthy (S/O of Venkat Subbaya Chetty) continued to serve the people with great enthusiasm and gained the loyalty of even more people hailing from neighbouring districts.

After many years of successful business knowledge and experience my grandfather Mr N Ramamurthy and Mr N Nandha Kishore (S/O of N Ramamurthy) expanded their business empire in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with a retail Gold Jewellery outlet named “Rathna Jewellerslocated at Usman Road T.Nagar around 1987. Furthermore, seeing the potential of wholesale trading during those days Mr N. Nandha Kishore started and expanded his business venture towards Gold Jewellery wholesale trading and started Saikirit Jewellers (A B2B firm currently owned by Mr Sai Kirit younger S/O N Nandha Kishore).

Mr N. Nandha Kishore with a great spirit and gaining the trust of serving customers and many retail jewellery outlets for more than 2 plus generations from Rajampet and Chennai towards the wholesale jewellery market has successfully been delivering gold jewellery ornaments from 1990 2019.

At present myself, Saikishan Narayana (elder S/O late Mr N. Nandha Kishore & founder of KLM Jewellers) has been continuing the legacy of gold jewellery wholesale business till date.


KLM DIGI LAXMI is an entity of its parent company KLM Jewellers. Myself (Saikishan Narayana) has a strong and successful legacy of 3 plus generations in to the field of Gold Jewellery.

Hailing from a strong Gold Jewellery business background, I wanted to establish a convenient and user-friendly digital platform for people who is looking towards gold investments and savings. After a tedious and heavy research for few years, Me & My team established an application that is available in Android and IOS platforms for online investments.

Benefits of investing in KLM DIGI LAXMI APP:

  • There is no Making/Hidden Charges for our Coins.
  • There is no Minimum Investment Limit, you can Invest as low as 1Rs.
  • There is no Lock-in Period, you can redeem or sell your purchased Gold Coins at any time.
  • Our Pure Gold Coins can be exchanged at any jewellery shop in India as it is tested and verified of having mentioned purity.

For offline investments and any enquiries KLM DIGI LAXMI’s is headquartered at West Mambalam, Chennai.

Check their Instagram:-

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