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Soumita Saha’s Solo Exhibition “Shyama” enlightens this festival of lights

Bengal celebrates the festival of light worshipping Goddess Kaali, back in the 16th century noted Tantric scholar, Krishnananda Agamavagisha had once dreamt of Goddess Kali. The Goddess, who was until then largely been associated with death and darkness, is believed to have instructed Agamavagisha to worship her in a form that incorporated in her forms of feminine domesticity.

The influential elites of later centuries took forward the tradition and turned them into ostentatious projects to showcase wealth and power. To date, when India celebrates Diwali, it is Kali puja that is observed in Bengal and some parts of Orissa as well. Other than the religious side Goddess Kaali has got a special place in the field of Art. The divergences in the form and depictions that Kali denotes across different parts of the subcontinent is largely reflexive of the way in which her character developed and blended with local traditions and Hindu symbolism. Anything associated with Mythological or Religious take that exhibits multifarious shades definitely wins a special place in any Artist’s heart.

Singing Diva Soumita Saha who recently launched her own record label ‘Melo Tunes’ comes up with her Virtual Solo Exhibition “Shyama” on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. “Shyama” is another name for Goddess Kaali. Soumita’s Artwork I widely appreciated amongst art lovers and curators across the nation. One of her artwork was exhibited at Portland’s ArtReach Art Gallery. Soumita’s series Art Work this time is thematic that features different forms of Goddess Kaali. About the exhibition, the artist also adds “Kaali is one of my favourite subjects when it comes to art. There are many shades you can freely depict. Kaali is powerful and very expressive. I have also focused on the controversial part of ‘Kaali’.

We worship the deity and end up suggesting Fairness cream to our brown beauties also exists in the theme.” Soumita Saha started her journey with EDM music the success of her debut album game her immense fame. Her experiments bridged the gap between traditional and modern arrangements used in Tagore Music her contribution to the field of Tagore Music is praised worthy. The young Singing diva added a gem more to the crown of her accomplishments having launched her record label ‘Melo Tunes’. The theme Music for Her Solo Exhibition ” Shyama ” has been composed by the singing Diva herself.

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