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The most influential, positive and growing woman: Sharani Ponguru

Sharani Ponguru at the young age of 29 has acquired the designation of director of one of the most growing and well-known institutions. With over 640 Schools and Colleges across India under the very same institution, Sharani looks after each one of them with an equal eye on each of the institution.

Sharani looks after each one of them with an equal eye on each of the institutes.

Motivation has always been the key area of Sharani. She has always loved motivating people and seeing them smile brings peace to her. Through her life, Sharani has read a lot about motivational books and has read articles and books about people who went from zero to millionaires. Having witnessed the success a person acquires has always been the kind of inspiration Sharani has needed to keep doing what she does everyday and even more, to become the future life coach. Her positive aura and that one smile that would just ease anyone’s anxious mind, would definitely make her the kind of life coach we truly need today. Her dedication and will is what sets her apart from the many.

With the beliefs of the founder of the Narayana institute, that is, “if the foundation is strong, there’s nothing that could stop one from achieving what they wish,” and with just that in mind, the whole of Narayana Educational Institute works towards the betterment of their student’s futures. And with the same ethical value, Sharani has always been there to help the students of Narayana in every possible way. In fact, she highly enjoys being with the students, solving their problems and grasping new things from each one of them. The woman is truly a superwoman in every possible way, whose life goal has always been to help and motivate and inspire people in every way needed.

Being a mother and a homemaker has never stopped Sharani from working and as a director, it all calls for much more work. Yet, Sharani balances it all too well. Her professional and personal life are never affected by the other because Sharani has her priorities set and has learned how to manage and balance her life. With the support and love that she constantly receives from her family and husband and even her students, Sharani is known to be one of the most influential women today. Even her socials following has the majority of her students from Narayana following her and the rest, well they know all too well just how amazing Sharani is. If there is one person anyone, especially married women who tends to give up on their dreams, should look up to, it’s Sharani Ponguru and thus, catch her on Instagram @sharaninarayanaofficial to get the everyday dose of inspiration.

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