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Convention and Exhibition of Federation of All India Caterers will be held at the Helipad Ground in Gandhinagar

At Gandhinagar in Gujarat, a group of well-known people from the catering sector will be seen on a single platform. It will be inaugurated at the Helipad ground in Gandhinagar. The Federation of All India Caterers Convention and Exhibition will be held for three days from September 14 to 16. The event is sponsored by Cello World Company and it has stalls related to catering of 500 vendors from different states of the country will be seen. This will prove to be the best platform for knowledge sharing for recipes as everyone is coming here from different states of India but everyone’s business is catering so their focus is the same.

As many new vegetarian recipes are introduced, empowering will be done on this one platform. People will find many options related to catering at one place not to forget last minute preparations. To make this function successful, the President of Federation of All India Caterers Mr. Narendra Somani and General Secretary Mr. Kirit Budhdev, Mr.Paresh Desai, Board Members of 18 States and Ahmedabad Catering Association are working 24×7. A new recipe will also be introduced by this association in the near future.

Gurdeep Daler Mehndi concert will be held on the first day of this three-day program. Apart from this, there will also be a cultural program. A traditional welcome of all members will be held on the next day. A Bollywood night has also been organized on the third day and many programs including workshops with special speakers will be held. Apart from this, a Mega draw will be held for caterers across India in which gifts will also be distributed.

This fourth convention and exhibition are being held in Gujarat from across the country. Before this, the first convention and exhibition were held in 2014. In 2016, the second exhibition was held in Mumbai. Apart from this, the third exhibition was held in Jaipur and the fourth exhibition is going to be held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat in 2022. This is planned in 3 domes of 1 lakh square meters. All things related to catering will be seen in the exhibition.

The opportunity to talk to the caterers of different states related to catering will be easily available.

The All India Caterers Convention was established on 26 September 2013 for the sake of caterers. This organization does not do commercial work but solves problems related to how to proceed in the future. When this organization started with 64 members, only the Bombay Catering Association and Gujarat Catering Association joined hands. Today the organization has around 5,000 members from 18 states.

This organization has provided an example of organizational power. The problems related to the caterers association such as 18 percent of the GST problem challenges have been solved together with the government to 5 percent. Apart from this, the problem related to food safety was also solved. Not only this, but the Federation of All India Caterers has also been a leader in social service. Has rendered honorable service in various states during epidemics like Corona. 10 to 12 lakh needy people were provided with two tins of food everyday.

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