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DNV Group and Param Shreem: A Visionary Alliance Redefining Excellence in Design and Facility Management

The DNV Group and Param Shreem Group, an alliance of businesses headed by Mr. Dinesh DNV in 2014, Founder and Managing Partner, and a well-known philanthropist, demonstrated their dominance in facility management, international trade, and interior and exterior design. The group goes by “the rule of taking pride in offering very friendly and approachable services.”

DNV Group takes pride in its comprehensive architectural and interior design solutions. DNV Group is a commercial conglomerate that engages in a variety of industries, including interior and exterior design, facility management, and import-export. At DNV Group, we provide comprehensive interior fit-out solutions as our top priority. Our experience encompasses a broad spectrum of industries, such as facility management, import and export, and interior and exterior design. The organization was started in 2014 by renowned philanthropist Mr. Dinesh DNV. The two businesses that run the group are DNV Import Export and DNV Infraa Vision.

The flagship company of the DNV Group, DNV Import and Export, has cemented its position as a top producer, purchaser, distributor, importer, and exporter of organic food and building products. Acknowledged for its unrelenting dedication to quality, the business has become a reliable force in the cutthroat world of international trade.

The DNV Group’s design company DNV Infraa Vision, situated in India, is proof of the organization’s dedication to creating distinguished settings. The company specializes in offering end-to-end solutions for corporate and residential interiors, exteriors, and landscaping. It serves a wide range of clients, including corporations, individuals, hotels, hospitals, and educational institutions. Notably, DNV Infraa Vision specializes in office and container housing supply, fabrication, installation, and commissioning.

Our team includes highly experienced and extensively trained professionals such as architects, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, electrical engineers, MBAs, chartered accountants, company secretaries and auditors, safety managers, and cost and quantity managers, with an external safety auditor to check on-site safety implementation.

The DNV Group has undertaken a diverse range of projects, including architectural and interior design, infrastructure, commercial and residential projects, landscape design, retail spaces, and theater design. Some of the specific projects completed by the DNV Group include Zing Rooftop Restobar, Hindustan Fiber Glass, Chennai Radha, Royal Green Oil Refineries, Prasad IMAX Cinemas, Out Back, Home Theatre, Handsel Miraya and so on. These projects showcase the company’s expertise and experience in delivering high-quality and innovative design solutions across various industries.

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