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JBM Group organizes its 5th Blood Donation Camp as per the MoU signed with Indian Red Cross Society

  • To aid children suffering from Thalassemia
  • Camp was organised by JBM Group’s CSR arm, Neel Foundation
  • 4 camps already organised in Manesar, Gurugram and Faridabad since August 2021

Kosi Kalan, 11th October 2021: JBM Group organized its 5th blood donation camp at its plant in Kosi Kalanwherein 186units of blood have been donated today. Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Shri Hanumaan Prasadgraced the occasion with his presence at the event along with SHO, Shri. Sanjay Tyagi and their team. The company had signed an MoU with the Indian Red Cross Society in August and has pledged to conduct 25 blood donation camps across its plants pan India this year. Today’s camp was the 5thin this year-long initiative, JBM having already donated over 600 units by way of the first 4 camps.

JBM Group’s CSR arm, Neel Foundation, has resolved to donate over 3500 units of blood this year to support the noble cause of helping Thalassaemic children. Today’s event witnessed enthusiastic participation from JBM Group’s employees, their families and friends, who came forward to contribute to this noble cause. Each donor went through detailed medical screening and blood investigations like testing for Haemoglobin, blood group, weight measurement, etc. before blood donation. The camp successfully created awareness about blood donation, its need and social responsibility among different stakeholders of the society.

Thalassemia is a serious inherited blood disorder. A child suffering from such a disease requires one unit of blood every two weeks. Survival of a Thalassemia depends upon repeated life-long blood transfusions and iron chelation. As red blood cell transfusion is the most common treatment, the blood banks play a pivotal role in this. Employees of JBM Group and their families have vowed to participate in these camps and donate blood to support the cause and help these children.

As an essential part of the JBM Group’s value ecosystem, the organisation looks forward to maintaining the highest standards towards enhancing the health and safety of its employees and communities as well as preserving and protecting the environment. The group executes a large gamut of activities through its corporate social responsibility arm – Neel Foundation. The organization believes in enriching the quality of life of the community and prevails to preserve its ecological balance as well as its cultural heritage.

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