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LifeCell Rolls Out Exclusive Cashback Offer for Stem Cell Banking Services

New Delhi, July 09 2021: In an effort to make the stem cell banking experience more rewarding and affordable to Indian families, LifeCell, a leading healthcare and diagnostic solutions provider has launched the exclusive cashback initiative for its esteemed customers. With this new initiative, customers can now enrol for stem cell banking and instantly earn guaranteed cashback of up to Rs 20,000. The cashback initiative is one of the many milestones in the digital-first transformation aimed at providing enhanced real-time experience and faster turnaround with efficient user interfaces.

The life-saving benefits of preserving the baby’s stem cells at the time of birth are undeniable with more parents opting for stem cell banking to secure their family’s health.  Unique stem cell banking programmes including community banking has made it possible to extend the benefits to not just the baby but the entire family. Moreover, the recent advancements in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine have generated much interest from both the medical fraternity and communities alike. Hence, with the ongoing pandemic, an investment in health has become a priority.

LifeCell offers annual, 21, and 75 years storage plans to ensure maximum benefit and security to its customers. Depending on the nature of the chosen storage plan, the customers can earn guaranteed cashback to further invest in their family’s health by availing other value-added services such as StemMatch that proactively provides the exact number of matching stem cell units available in the LifeCell registry; Genome-Scope which helps in detecting both rare and common childhood-onset genetic disorders in the baby; Family Floater that allows extending the life-saving benefits of community banking to more than 8 family members; OmegaScore-N which determines omega-3 DHA levels in breastfeeding mothers to support the healthy brain and eye development of the baby and many more. Additionally, customers can earn more cashback by upgrading to a different storage plan or referring a friend or a family member. The earned cashback can be redeemed completely from the customer’s LifeCell account for instant use and is valid for up to a year.

Customers can access their client accounts on the LifeCell website to access the cashback feature. This easy-to-navigate section highlights the new cashback offer, as well as a summary of earnings vs. spends and the remaining balance.

Notably, LifeCell will continue to work towards improving the customer experience and making its array of services more accessible anytime, anywhere.

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