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Music that I create is a reflection of my own emotion: Bákayan

Brought up in a surrounding where the love for music and nature was always in abundance, Burak Akkaya aka Bákayan was born to become a great musician. He says that his name means, “the one who looks at the moon” because the moon and stars and their vastness have always inspired him and sparked creativity inside him. Having a knack for creativity, Bákayan has mastered the genre of Organic/Afro House and has been creating some of the most enticing tracks in the genre. He is multi-talented and wears multiple hats. He is a DJ, Vocalist, and Producer. Upon asking about his favorite part of his work, he says that he truly enjoys what he does and believes that the most inspiring part of his work is that his music is able to bridge the gap between people and cultures and he enjoys seeing how people come together from different realms of life and celebrate each other and music at his concerts and shows.

Bákayan’s life was never devoid of music and in Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany where he spent his childhood, music was a big part of his life. He used to spend most of his time playing music and humming songs and he was making progress gradually. During his stay in Nuremberg, Germany, he learned to play Guitar and this is when a video upload on Facebook made him a household name in Germany. People were in love with his vocals, his music, and everything that he was doing in the video which was an unintentional upload by his friend. Seeing the success of his song, he started uploading more songs on YouTube and was getting invitations from all the major platforms including DSDS, Rising Star, and The Voice of Germany but he wasn’t feeling like he is ready to play for the audience yet. He needed a break and to find something that he could pull off with confidence. It was an intermission to his story.

In 2018, he discovered electronic music in a popular club in Berlin and he fell in love with the music, he was hooked. In his own words, “I was totally blown away. The people there enjoyed the music so much, I was so fascinated by the music that within three weeks, I bought a small DJ equipment at home and I was playing by myself.” Bákayan knew that his break was over and now, it is time to become the best in this genre and he did the same. He started to perfect his craft and he was mentored by one of the most popular DJs in the scene Bobby Evs who took him by the hand and smoothed his way into the electro scene.

Two months down the line, he was already playing in front of an audience who were showering him with love that he was greatly enjoying. His first appearance was a hit and he thanks Bobby EVs for his success. It is said that perseverance in hard times is what makes you successful and Bákayan proved it right. Even after the arrival of Corona in Germany, he did not stop and he used this time to perfect his craft. When the entire world was unsure about its next move, he was working on his upcoming tracks. Talking about his creative process, he says that “Before I produce my tracks, I always think: What is happening in the song, where could the song take place? My music tells who I am, what my character is, and what is happening in my life.” Great support during such challenging time was his friend, mentor, and sound nerd Oliver Deuerling. Bákayan says, “He has a decisive influence on my sound sounding the way it sounds.” The two spend several hours together in the studio.

Bákayan has major releases with well-known labels like Kindisch, A Tribe Called Kotori, and Sounds of Khemit. The biggest influences on his music are his roots, and countries like Spain, Colombia, and Cuba. He surrounds himself with the influences and impressions of different cultures which help him with his creative endeavors. His music is a first-hand reflection of the emotions that he feels and this is what he likes about electronic music as well. He says, “That’s the good thing about electronic music. You don’t have to commit, you can always create different moods with the beats, melodies, and vocals. If it fits, I also sing in Spanish or English,” When we were talking to him, we noticed how cheerful and positive he is about his music. He enjoys his creation and that is what makes him unique. His concerts and shows are usually full of people who visit there to enjoy and be happy and that is what he wants from his music. Bákayan is working on more tracks that he will be releasing which you can know by following him on socials. Here is his Instagram to stay updated with his music and drops

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