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New partnership to meet green energy goals

New Delhi, 26 Oct.: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)’s Hyderabad-based constituent laboratory Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) has taken a new initiative that could help strengthen efforts related to the conversion of waste to wealth.

CSIR-IICT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Clean-Seas, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clean-Seas India Pvt. Ltd of the Clean Vision Corporation, to collaborate on waste conversion system technology. Clean Vision Corporation is a global holding company that acquires and operates sustainable cleantech and green energy businesses.

CSIR-IICT will be the knowledge partner for customizing Clean-Seas’ waste plastic conversion technology to suit Indian conditions, which will aid in mitigating the country’s growing waste streams that will be converted into valuable, environmentally-friendly commodities. The project is currently in the planning stage, and the collaboration partners seek to have it operational in the first quarter of the year 2022.

In addition, CSIR-IICT will be collaborating with Clean Seas on the cost-effective fuel cell technology to enable the project to complete the value chain from conversion of waste to generation and use of the hydrogen output. The plastic waste streams will be converted into low sulfur fuels, which will produce electricity that can be used for generating clean hydrogen, thereby contributing to making India a global leader in hydrogen production called the “hydrogen moonshot.”

“The partnership with Clean-Seas shall bring out a promising solution that will have an edge over current technologies and will go a long way towards addressing this global crisis,” said Dr Chandrasekhar, Director CSIR-IICT.

“Clean energy is essential for improving the health of our planet, and collaboration such as this will lead the way to a cleaner and more energy secure environment,” said Mr. Venkat Kumar Tangirala, Managing Director of Clean-Seas India.

“This partnership further proves that Clean-Seas’ vision of converting plastic waste into high-value products is not only timely but also can be an essential driver towards Prime Minister Modi’s countrywide energy and environmental goals. We are honored to be working with all the talented scientists at CSIR-IICT, creating new partnerships to combat the plastic problem” said Dan Bates, CEO of Clean Vision.

A pilot project will be developed with CSIR-IICT contributing to customization, scale-up and arrangement of sourcing raw materials from its existing commercial relationships in Hyderabad, while Clean Seas will provide knowledge on waste conversion system technology, construction, operations, and finance. On successful implementation of the project, the technology is available for commercialization at scale throughout India.

“Clean-Seas brought us a complete and unified vision that fits within our directive with our existing assets and skill set to fast-track achievement of core goals which CSIR-IICT and Clean-Seas shall work together in achieving,” said Dr. D. Shailaja, Chief Scientist & Chair, Business Development & Research Management.(India Science Wire)

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