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Specialists at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Ameerpet, save a precarious patient from Nigeria (Africa)

  • The patient was flown in from Lagos, in an air ambulance on an artificial lung support (mechanical ventilator) for 15 hours 
  • He had main wide pipe rupture, brain malaria and its complications, kidney failure, heart arrest, fungal infections in extremely dangerous conditions being saved.

Hyderabad, November 18th, 2021: Nigeria (Africa) resident, airlifted from Nigeria, in an extremely dangerous condition, has completely recovered after a prolonged 47-day treatment at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Ameerpet, and is all set to go back to work. The twenty-five-year-old, Maddem Sasikanth Reddy from Kadapa, working as production manager at a food manufacturing company in Lagos, Nigeria, suffered from a drug resistant malaria with encephalopathy. A tracheal rupture, while rendering treatment at a local hospital in Nigeria, further complicated and led to deterioration in his condition with seemingly slim chances of recovery.

At this stage the patient attendants contacted Dr Prasada Rao and Dr Ravi Raju CH, Consultant Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Ameerpet and under their guidance, airlifted the patient in an air ambulance. The patient was flown in a life and death condition on advanced mechanical ventilator support, with the journey spanning over 15 hours. He reached the Apollo Spectra Hospital, Ameerpet, on 28th September 2021.

Evaluation at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Ameerpet; revealed multiple complications including severe drug resistant brain malaria along with brain complication, kidney failure, post cardiac arrest, sepsis and a tracheal rupture. Tracheal rupture is a life-threatening complication with significant morbidity and mortality. In this drug resistant malaria led to acute kidney injury and cardiac arrest. Malaria itself is a life-threatening disease caused by mosquito bite. Nigeria alone accounts for 23% malarial cases in the world. Compounding the severity he developed encephalopathy, which occur in one-third of the patients with severe malaria and impacts the functioning of their brain.

The multi-disciplinary team of specialists at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Ameerpet, led by renowned Cardio thoracic surgeons Dr Dasari Prasada Rao and Dr Ravi Raju CH along with the support of highly experienced team of Dr Prapulla Chandra, Pulmonologist, critical care doctors Dr Bose, Dr Varalakshmi, Dr Sampath, Dr Chandrasekhar; specialists from Nephrology, Infectious Diseases; relentlessly monitored his condition, most part of it in ICU during the last 47 days. He was kept on hemodialysis, till his kidney recovered with appropriate treatment. A couple of days of his admission a tracheal repair surgery was carried out.

The tracheal repair surgery has global mortality rate of over 50% and a very few specialists with expertise world-over has been performed. Post repair the patient was kept on both lung ventilation and was gradually weaned off from the ventilator.

He has fully recovered, can now lead a normal life, he is all set to go back to Nigeria and resume his daily routine.

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