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Telangana Post talk to Pilum Defense Agency

Telangana Post talk to Pilum Defense Agency

We had the opportunity to interview Pilum Defense, a company that offers a holistic approach to firearms training. Their emphasis extends beyond the fundamentals of firearms training to encompass safety, first aid, legal considerations, shoot-no-shoot scenarios, realistic environments, and safe storage. Pilum aims to provide an all-encompassing training regimen that ensures students learn and apply their skills effectively.

Can you tell us about Pilum and what sets your company apart from others in the industry?

More Americans than ever before, own firearms for protection, but only a very small percentage of them undergo formal training.  Pilum offers a holistic approach to firearms training. We emphasize not only the fundamentals of firearms training, but safety, first aid, legal considerations, shoot-no-shoot scenarios, realistic environments, and safe storage before we even enter a range. We have recognized that students learn best when there is an all-encompassing training regimen.
What types of firearm training programs does Pilum offer and how are they structured?

We offer multiple level of handgun and carbine training platforms. We start with the brilliance in the basics for new shooters and offer dynamic movement for more advanced shooters.
How do you ensure that your training programs are safe and effective?

Owning a firearm is a big responsibility.  We offer our students simulator training to get them familiar with handling firearms. We conduct classroom hands on manipulation of firearms, and we offer airsoft realistic scenarios before we take our students to a live fire range.
We are a resource for education and skills application. We teach competence and confidence in the ability for students to protect themselves.  Students leave our training courses with solid and repeatable systems for gun handling, safety, shooting, legal considerations, first aid applications, and real-world examples of situational awareness.
Can you tell us about some of the success stories you’ve seen with clients who have gone through your training programs?

We have taken beginner students from never shooting a firearm to successful competition shooters. We value and believe in the fundamentals.
How does Pilum stay up to date with the latest developments in firearm technology and training techniques?

Pilum instructors participate in hundreds of hours of training per year with in-house seminars, competition events, training schools, and through associations.
How does Pilum approach training for individuals with little to no experience with firearms?

This is our specialty! It’s all about brilliance in the basics. We put students through multiple hours of hands-on training.  This ensures that students understand safety rules and the fundamentals of shooting.  We get students comfortable and familiar with firearms before a firearm is fired in a live training environment.
Can you tell us about any upcoming developments or initiatives from Pilum that we can look forward to?

Pilum recently acquired a new 3000 sq ft office space for our air soft realistic training center. This new training space is where we teach students on basic movements, opening doors, and how to get to safety and minimize risk in either an active shooter or unsafe environments.  We installed over 16 cameras to record, replay, and critique students on effective techniques on clearing spaces in lone operator situations. Pilum also added a simulator that offers shoot and no shoot realistic scenarios to teach students how to react to certain realistic environments that they may face in public.
How does Pilum ensure that its trainers are qualified and experienced in providing high-quality training to clients?

Our instructors have decades of combined expertise in both the private and public sectors. Our team is comprised of battle tested former military and law enforcement personnel who bring 129 combined years of experience from our nation’s most prestigious agencies.  Veteran-owned and veteran-run, we were founded by former U.S. Marine Corps and Navy SEAL combat-proven personnel.  This background has made Pilum uniquely motivated and appropriately trained to teach students firearms courses.

How does Pilum prioritize safety in all aspects of its training programs?

Unintentional shootings, as well as many other gun-related challenges, can be prevented.  In fact, target shooting is one of the safest of all sports.  Pilum emphases the basics of safe gun handling and storage by reminding students that they are the key to firearms safety.  We constantly stress safety when handling firearms. Understanding safety rules is repeated and always prioritized in all our training curriculums.
Can you tell us about any notable partnerships or collaborations that Pilum has established within the firearm industry or other related industries?

Pilum has collaborated with national associations and local groups to provide the best training available to Colorado shooters.

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